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Time Bomb Flashback Night Cream (15ml)


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Product Description

(RRP £13.50) What it does: - Acts like a paraffin hand-plumping treatment for your face, overnight - Infuses skin with ultra-rich moisturizers and active anti-ageing ingredients - Skin is visibly and dramatically transformed: plump, dewy, fresh, well-rested Why it's critical: Skin is optimally receptive when the body is at rest. This is a critical opportunity to infuse skin with powerful anti-aging ingredients and transformational moisture, and to lock it in while you sleep. How it stops the clock: Super-rich moisturizer forms an invisible, light rice bran waxy barrier on the skin, trapping in overnight a powerful blend of phytolipids, oils, hyaluronic acid and vitamins that nourish skin so it can better produce natural collagen and elastin. Unique non-water-soluble antioxidants (derived from grains instead of vegetables, like most formulas) help protect against free radical damage. The result is as dramatic as a paraffin wax hand treatment: wake to a complexion that looks remarkably fuller, lifted, smoother, dewy….visibly rejuvenated. For best results: At night, apply liberally to clean skin.

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