Eve's Parcel Rest and recover wellness gift boxes, include lavender inspired relaxation products focused on mindfulness, wellness, self care and wellbeing. beauty skincare and health products to help you unwind and get a good nights sleep.

The Rest and Recover Box

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A luxury gift box filled with everything needed to unwind relax, rest and recover. Turn up the dial on wellbeing with a range of high quality products selected from some superior brands to provide a blissful sleep.

The Rest and Recover Box includes:

Stamford Relaxing Incense - A combination of cardamom, Cedar wood, and patchouli, helps clear the mind by creating a calm restful atmosphere

Monu Skin - Collagen Eye Cream - an indulgently soothing eye cream to gently and effectively lift, plump and smooth the sensitive eye area. enriched with active ingredients to nourish, lift and brighten

Space Mask - Genius self heating eye mask, releases calming jasmine scents to relax, calm and initiate a deep sleep. 

Essie - Treat Love & Colour - Laven-Dearly - unwind with a quick manicure, leave all worries behind you with each stoke. Gives you stronger nails in just a week as well as a radiant sheer lavender glow.

Cotswold Lavender - Wheat Warmer - Filled with the finest dry lavender. Simply warm to release the magnificent warmth and scent, apply to any aches or pains or simply cosy up with it close by. 

All packaged in our premium luxury gift boxes. 

The perfect gift for anyone in need of a break.