Eve’s Revitalise and Refresh Gift Box

Do you know someone who's always on the go? Rushing from place to place, multi- tasking, juggling and balancing life and never says no.
Well this box has been curated with them in mind.

This luxuriously packed parcel includes a range of products to help get rid of stress, lack of energy and most importantly make you smile

In this parcel you will find:
An indulgent coffee scrub deepened with orange essential oils to scrub away tired skin. eliminate dead skin and flood your body with the beneficial properties of orange essential oil. The entire process is revitalising and makes sure you emerge glowing and refreshed.
A bath bomb enriched with amber and almond oil. The perfect reminder to claim some ‘Me Time’ and indulge in some self-care. Is there anything better then winding down in a soothing warm bath.
An illuminating primer with added SPF. Perfect for those of us with limited time this super product can be used alone to hydrate and illuminate, creating smooth blemish free skin with or without makeup
A luxurious sheet mask, quick and easy to apply. A microfiber mask drenched in a carefully blended mix of ingredients. Giving a boost of radiance, to brighten and refresh.
And lasty a secret weapon for the busy bodies on the go. This energy high roller ball is filled with a special blend of essential oils to revitalise the senses and give a boost of energy.
These wonderful treats will be hand wrapped and packaged in our premium gift boxes ready to be gifted to the busy bee in your life.
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