5 Simple Everyday Ways to Be Kind to Yourself

Non-conventional exercise – ditch the boring treadmill, and embrace a fun dance class, or let off some steam with boxercise. Can’t get to the Gym, clear some space in the living room and put on a fun workout on YouTube. Get that heart racing with a smile on your face
Practice saying NO! – Always feeling obliged to say yes can often be our greatest downfall. When you’re not in the mood to go out, or too tired to take on more, overwhelmed and feeling pressured just say no! prioritise your wellbeing and free some time for you. Its okay to say No. Its okay to do you!
Recognise and celebrate your achievements. No matter how big or small, acknowledge your greatness and stand tall and proud. Motivate and encourage your positive behaviour. Own and share your wins.
Treat yourself, something special just for you. Something you enjoy. Guilt free pleasure. It can be as small as indulging in your favourite chocolate, to saving for the shoes you’ve had your eyes on. You deserve it. or why not spoil yourself to one of Eve’s Parcel’s little letterbox treat boxes
Soothe your body and mind. Soak in a hot tub with scented goodness, indulge in a moreish cup of hot chocolate, do some deep breathing and meditation, or turn the music up and dance around like no ones watching. Add a bath bomb or maybe some bath salts to your Eve’s Parcel as a reminder. Add a relaxing bath bomb or maybe some bath salts to your Eves Parcel Gift Box to help you soothe and unwind.