Experience Self Care Like Never Before  


What easier way is there to practice self-care, than having a mindful pick me up delivered directly to your door?

Are you stressed? Over worked? Frustrated? Are you struggling to make time for your health and well-being? Would you like to make more time for self-care? 

Let us help improve and support your well being! Or send some TLC to your loved ones.


Step One 

Select Your Subscription

Step Two

Recieve Your Self Care Package

Step Three

Relax, Unwind & Enjoy

What Is Eve's Parcel


Eve’s parcels are carefully created to include products to support your health and well-being. Each of our parcels include products to help you relax and unwind, products to indulge in to make you smile, and products to inspire self-care for your soul.

Eve’s parcel is designed to be conveniently slipped into your busy hectic lives. Filled with products focused on helping you recharge and recover from the woes of everyday life. 

Our parcels are the perfect pick me up, whether you're

 menstruating, pregnant, menopausal, a new exhausted mum,

 or just a woman in need for some self-care.

So why not sign up for a little me-time delivered to your door.