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Eve's Parcel is specifically designed to make your time of the month a breeze. 

Your parcels are personalised to include your preferred sanitary requirements as well as an array of treats and surprises to indulge in. 

Receive up to 5 or more self-care beauty, skincare and lifestyle products focused on you and your personal well being every month.

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What Is Eve's Parcel


Eve's Parcel is a premium period box service, created specifically with you in mind. We understand how much of a drag our periods can be…breakouts, cramps, exhaustion just to name a few. We know the last thing you want to do is rush to the pharmacy to pick up your sanitary products. 

We understand that all you amazing women lead busy time-consuming lives and understand how periods and PMS often become a huge hurdle in our paths. 

Eve's Parcels are designed to be convenient, delivered in discrete packaging, on your specified date, no reason not to have it delivered to directly to your place of work. They are filled with products to target your symptoms and help you get on with your day to day. As well as delightful treats to help lift your mood. 

 A mix of essentials, relaxation, indulgence, beauty, and well being all wrapped up in one beautifully packaged parcel.